5th USCT                   
  5th United States Colored Troops Company G             American Civil War Reenacting Unit                        
Equipment & Uniform  Standards The purpose of these standards is to help the new recruit avoid purchasing unnecessary items that would not be in keeping with the standards of the 5th USCT Company G.  It is our desire to present an authentic impression in keeping with the original uniform standards.
Uncle Sams Sutlery Complete Union Infantry Uniform Set Price: $225.00 New Package THIS PACKAGES WITH ONE STAINLESS STEEL CANTEEN WITH WOOL COVER BLUE/GRAY/SKY BLUE/BUTTERNUT (AS FREE GIFT) Enlisted Frockcoat US 1) Navy blue wool, 9 button single breasted front, lined to the waist, 2 pockets in back seam of skirt, piped in sky blue. 2) Sizes 36 thru 54. 2) Sky-blue Trousers - Sizes 26-50 Waist 3) US Kepis, Dark Green/Dark Blue/Mix Gray/ ( S, M, L, XL ) ...You must request a forage kepi, dark blue. 4) White Suspenders 5) Shirt, Cotton Muslin to Size ( S, M, L, XL ) 6) Black Belt 7) US Oval Buckle 8) Brogans Square Toe, Black, Rough Out Please Allow 3 to 6 Weeks for Delivery You can order the lined Frock Coat for $149
Regimental Quartermaster Known for Quality Historical Men's Military Uniforms and Civilian Clothing Reproductions- Since 1975 You will need to order the same items as listed above.   Good prices for some items... You will need to order the same items as listed above.
Forage kepi
                                                       NEW RECRUITS                  MEN-AT-ARMS WILL BE MUSTERED INTO SERVICE IMMEDIATELY                       If you wish to become a member of the 5th USCT Co. G, Email us your name and phone number to                                                                                           .  You may include any questions.         Membership dues: A kind donation per year/per person or family.  If you wish to join as a         man-at-arms, please be sure to check out our equipment and uniform standards below.
Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot
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You can just order the lined Frock Coat for $85